Cara Lindsay

Cara Lindsay

Thank you Stuart and Michelle for (patiently) helping me to become a financially responsible adult!


On more than one occasion I have come to Stuart with scraps of paper, partly prepared spreadsheets and folders full of who-knows-what at tax time. He has always worked through the chaos professionally and with friendly banter, never failing to ensure I received back what I was entitled to. I have never felt unsure or nervous when completing my tax return with Stuart and he has always been transparent, explaining anything I need to know thoroughly and easily. In between tax returns I have asked Stuart many random questions over the years and he has always come back to me with a quick response, which I really appreciate.


Where do I start with Michelle…..she is my financial fairy godmother! Before meeting Michelle I had no idea what Financial Advisors were for – I assumed they were for super-rich people only. So wanting to be a super-rich person myself one day, I thought why not make an appointment with Michelle and see how she could help me set about achieving this goal – or at least help me get my credit card paid off and sleep a little easier at night! From the moment I met Michelle, I loved her. Her easy going, calm, straight forward approach and explanation of things was exactly what I needed. She helped me do all the “adult stuff” that I had always wanted to do, yet did not know how to do. We created a budget, set up the necessary insurances and a will to protect what I had and with her help I was able to secure further investments and start saving again. I have recommended Michelle to multiple work colleagues, friends, even my mum and every one of them has continued to work with Michelle. I look forward to my catch ups with Michelle, not only because I leave feeling like a real adult, who has taken responsibility for her own financial future, but because she is a legend!


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