Buying property is like a jigsaw puzzle.

It works best when the right pieces are placed in the exact position in the correct order. Which makes getting a mortgage more complex than finding the cheapest rate. It’s also about the right product, structured correctly, with a flexible banking solution and an affordable repayment plan.

Get this right and it can save you thousands of dollars and take years off your loan.


+ New home purchases

Buying a new home may be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.

While you focus on getting excited about what’s possible, we can assist you with the important financial decisions like; affordability, timing, location, apartment or house, stamp duty and other costs, deposit, pre-approval, mortgage repayments, insurance etc.

Get this right and buying a new home will be far more satisfying.

+ Refinance of existing home loan debt

Every couple of years it’s worthwhile re-assessing your home loan to take advantage of more competitive options that may be available.

Whist refinancing can potentially save you money, together we weigh up the pros and cons and determine if it’s worthwhile to make the move or if sticking to what you’ve got is the best deal for now.


+ Consolidation of credit card and personal loan debt

It’s easy to get into debt. It’s harder to get out of it.

When credit card debt or personal loan repayments get on top of you, it may be time to consolidate.

Combining your debts into one can make it easier to manage and reduce the amount you pay in fees and interest, but it’s smart to do your research and understand the fine print before committing.


+ Investment Property loans

As glamorous as investing in property sounds, before considering an investment loan it’s important you fully comprehend what’s involved including the benefits, costs, risks and how it may impact your overall situation.

It differs for everyone and with lenders imposing strict assessment criteria, the right advice can do wonders when it comes to increasing your borrowing power and getting your investment loan approved.


+ Self-Managed Super Fund loans

As popular as it’s become to buy property within an SMSF, if you need to borrow money to make it happen it’s critical to understand the strict process that needs to be followed and the stringent rules and conditions that must be met.

Doing this without expert advice can open a can of worms for things to go horribly wrong.


+ Non-Conforming Loans

Obtaining a home loan approval when you have a poor credit rating, patchy repayment history or even previous bankruptcy can be incredibly difficult, but it’s not impossible. We work closely with a number of lenders specialise in providing finance to ‘non-conforming’ borrowers. We can assist you in obtaining finance and helping to rebuild your credit rating over time.