Why More Investors Are Opting For Brokers.

A recent survey conducted on Australian property investors revealed tha tthey are increasingly turning to mortgage brokers for lending, with 75% of investors stating that they had used a broker, and 83% of investors intend to use a broker when seeking their next loan.

 The survey found that one of the driving factors behind this shift was tighter lending restrictions on property investors.

 “Our survey results show that rather than be defeated, educated property investors are opting to use professionals to assist them to achieve their goals
– regardless of the lending environment.”

 Other key statistics from the PIPA survey include:

  • 68% of investors think that higher interest rates for investors compared
    to owner occupiers is unfair
  • 38% of investors had no difficulty in refinancing despite tighter
  • 22% of investors said they are having difficulty refinancing
  • 30% of investors have either switched or intend to switch from
    interest-only to principal and interest given higher rates

In an effort to provide our clients with a better alternative to necessarily lending directly from one of the major banks, Sean Limpens has taken on the
role of our dedicated lending specialist.

 Sean has helped to secure finance for numerous BCV clients, effectively helping them save thousands, and just as importantly, ensuring they have an appropriate lending structure in place for tax minimisation and asset

Sean has access to dozens of lenders, and can ensure you obtain the best possible home loan deal. Best of all, our broking services are provided free of charge to you!

If you are considering making the switch from bank to broker, or are already using a broker and are looking to change, contact Sean Limpens for a free assessment of your situation.

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