Is It Time To Review Your Home Loan?

In early June, for the 20th consecutive month, the Reserve Bank left interest rates on hold. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reviewing your existing loans, or exploring investment opportunities. More often that not, there’s a better deal available, and we all know any saving is better in your pocket than the bank’s!

Did you know that BCV offers a complete mortgage broking service to clients?

Even better – this service is completely free of charge – it will cost you nothing to have your home loan reviewed and potentially save thousands in repayments.

We have access to dozens of lenders and hundreds of different products, and can assist with refinance of your existing loans, or any new purchases. Owner-occupied loans, investment property loans, SMSF loans and debt consolidation loans are all available.

 At present, we have access to some fantastic offers – basic home loans from as low as 3.59%, and offset home loans from 3.64%.

Just recently, we arranged a loan for some clients who had an existing loan of $450k, credit card debt of approximately $40k, and were looking to access some of the equity in their property to make further improvements. They were making minimum monthly repayments on the credit cards and the debts were going nowhere.

We were able to refinance the existing debt, pay out all credit card debt, and release $80k in equity – and they now pay less per month for the home loan than they did previously for the smaller loan and the credit card debt – and they’re now free of the credit card debt!

Speak to us today about how we can assist you. Remember it’s free, what do you have to lose?

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