What would happen to your business if you or your business partner were no longer in the picture?

Our Business Succession Planning service facilitates discussions between two or more non-spousal business partners. The aim is to put in place an agreement that outlines what will happen to your business in the event of either a planned (retirement, resignation) or unplanned (death, serious illness) exit of one of the partners.

95% of business partnerships don’t have a succession plan in place and therefore have no protection for their business, which could impact on their home and personal assets as well.

BCV Financial Solutions offers a full succession planning service. We give partnership-based businesses protection, control and security in the event of illness, serious injury or death, delivering peace of mind to business owners and their families.

So whether you are a start up with two partners or an established business with multiple partners and staff, take some time to think about who would fill your shoes.

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