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Zombie Apocalypse Insurance? Unusual insurance policies you never knew existed.

September 19, 2016

Did you know there is insurance available to protect you in the event of a zombie apocalypse, or alien abduction? Have you thought about insuring yourself in case an asteroid hits the earth?

If you are getting married on the beach what about wedding insurance - in case you get hit by a tsunami?  Did you know that pregnant women can insure against the possibility of having twins, triplets, quads or quintuplets?

Insurance against lottery wins? Employers can take out lottery insurance in case their employees win the lottery and don't turn up to work the next day!

Then of course there is insurance for body parts such as:

  • Merv Hughes mustache for $300k
  • ‍Dolly Parton - each breast is insured for $300k
  • ‍Gene Simmons tongue for $1 million
  • Keith Richards middle finger for $1.6 million
  • And the winner is Mariah Carey's legs for $1 billion.

So if you know anyone that wants an unusual policy, or preferably someone who just wants life, disability and income protects please send them our way!

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