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Melbourne Coastrek 30kms Trek Done! Great Job Team!!

November 21, 2016

It was an early, EARLY start for the team on Friday morning – who were up at about 4am to take part in the 30km team trekking challenge run by Wild Women on Top – Melbourne Coastrek Cape Shank.  Bags were packed with sunscreen, snacks and spare socks (and re-packed after one camelback a sprung a leak!) and we set out to Point Nepean, no one was quite sure what to expect!

The sun was coming up over the horizon as we jumped out of the 6 seater and went to registration. After pinning on our bibs, and putting on our hiking gear we hopped onto the bus which drove us to the starting point. We set off on the trek at 7am with smiles on our faces and an air of anticipation of what was to come.

The first leg of the journey which was about 13 kms took us through the sand dunes and up the stairs, winding along the coast then finally through the streets and beaches of Sorrento to Portsea. Here we had our first ‘Luv-Stop’ and met our support crew (Thanks Tia!) to re-fuel with snacks and re-fill our hydration packs.

The second leg was a more challenging. Much of this leg we walked along what seemed like an endless track of dirt and sand through the scrub at Point Nepean. We trekked past the lighthouse and the Harold Holt lookout until we reached a long, LONG road which went up and down through sand dunes all the way to the tip of Point Nepean.

We were lucky to see a couple of Echidnas alongside the track who were busy foraging in the sand - and the cuteness took out mind off the pain for a few minutes.  Our legs were tired, our joints were aching. By the time we reached the turning point we were REALLY feeling it.  As we rounded the corner with a sense of accomplishment – we were greeted by a snack stop and behind them was a HUGE flight of concrete stairs!

We asked ourselves “How could there possibly be anymore uphill walking?” It felt like we were in an Escher drawing! After a brief break we and pushed on. By this stage some of our team were too weary to sit down for fear they might not get up again. But we kept on going!

The last 5 kms was the most painful. Eye-spy and sing-alongs got us through – we kept on putting one foot in front of the other, our pace had dropped from a determined march to a slow shuffle. 

By late afternoon we FINALLY crossed the finish line! What an accomplishment! 30 kms of walking the coastline, without training (oops!). We were so proud to have made it to the end, and to have done it all in the name of raising funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation. Well done team!


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